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Support CR this summer!

We're building people power and putting abolition into practice.

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

$515 towards $1,000

It's my 5th year on CR staff and going on my 9th year organizing with CR. We have done so much in my time here (stopping gang injunctions in Oakland, halting jail expansion in San Francisco, flipping the trajectory of jail expansion in Los Angeles and New York City, winning a national policy to get cops out of public health care-- and more!) and I'm so inspired by being part of Critical Resistance in these dire times. As abolition is hitting the mainstream and making headlines, I invite you to help us keep it sharp, relevant and strategic.

Every gift helps us print beautiful materials, host vibrant and people-centered mobilizations, and lay the foundation for our new building in North Oakland! Every gift helps us keep winning more milestones for abolition. Please help us keep this work alive and vibrant.

Join me in celebrating my 5 years on CR staff and the future of Critical Resistance.

THANK YOU! For every gift you make, I will give you a hand-printed LIBERTAD/CRITICAL RESISTANCE poster! Designed by East Oakland's amazing Dime, printed at our new building by CR fam ;)