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Help imprisoned firefighters in Oregon!

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

UPDATE: WE DID IT! More than 830 people helped us raise over $57,000, $200 per firefighter! That's HUGE! We will be posting updates on our Instagram and sending money orders in very soon! THANK YOU! The fundraiser is now closed. Follow us on twitter @firefundsOR and on Instagram @ImprisonedFirefighterFundsOR.


Critical Resistance Portland, in collaboration with Lane County Mutual Aid, Care Not Cops, Siskiyou Abolition Project, and Black and Pink PDX, is hosting a fundraiser to raise money for the commissaries of the imprisoned firefighters who fought to protect our forests and communities during Oregon's deadliest fire season on record. To show our appreciation for their deeply underpaid and rarely acknowledged labor, our goal is to raise at least $200 for each of the 285 active firefighters. That's over $55,000 dollars.

Oregon (like many states) relies on imprisoned people to fight wildland fires. Imprisoned people who are fighting wildfires, receive very little compensation ($6 a day in Oregon, only $3 of which is available for commissary), and little to no public acknowledgement. While in other states, imprisoned firefighters receive increased good time or time off sentences, in Oregon there are no such measures.

To achieve our goal, we are seeking individual donations, and will also be hosting several raffles in the coming weeks, featuring prizes such as copies of Dean Spade's Mutual Aid: Building Solidarity During This Crisis (And the Next), All Rise magazines and t-shirts, art, zines, and more! Information on how to participate in the raffle can be found on our instagram @ImprisonedFireFighterFundsOR, where we will share updates on the fundraiser, political education, and excerpts of letters from the firefighters themselves.

As a project of mutual aid, we know that by resourcing people inside we are not only creating meaningful connections that resist the isolation of imprisonment, but are also supporting the mutual aid work that can happen inside prisons, led by imprisoned people. Correspondence is another crucial component of this work, if you are interested in helping with processing and responding to letters from the firefighters, please email us!

Our work to fight the prison industrial complex involves upholding the dignity of the people who are targeted and harmed by its violence. These are people who have been criminalized, torn away from their families and communities, and locked away in a cage - yet are still very literally putting their lives on the line for the rest of us. Like all human beings, they deserve freedom, and our appreciation.

Please share this information with your networks, and stay tuned!